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2003 CD Full Circle  now available....email ROSEGRL2424@yahoo.com to order. $10 per CD and free shipping!!

If links are inactive, you can also listen to tracks at CDBABY.COM.

  CD   Track Listing:      (available at CD Baby.com

1. Over You

2. Anything For Love

3. Full Circle

4. One More Kiss

5. (How Do You Explain) a Heartbreak

6. I Miss Dancin With You

7. Heart of Gold

8. Find A Way 

9. Don't Wanna Let Go 

10. Love By Letting Go

11. Love at First Sight 

12. What Did You Wanna Say         

13. Don't Know What to Do          

-recorded at MIC 1 Studios   copyright 2003 All Rights Reserved

    Cover Tunes     (Click here or on a song below to listen to a sample)

What I Really Meant to Say

There is No Arizona

That's Me

Take Me As I Am

-recorded at MeepHead Productions by Danny Head